Cultural Health

Cultural Health

SDUIH cares for your mind, body and spirit. Our Cultural Health Department offers traditional medicines (petuja, bear root tea, herb infused honey), spiritual guidance, smudging, and a warm and welcome space for relatives to come and talk. We also offer cultural activities throughout the week to take care of your spirit and keep you connected to traditional Indigenous lifeways. Our doors are always open for relatives needing to pray, sing, smudge or just talk. Mitakuye oyasin – we are all related.

Culturally-centered Activities Offered by SDUIH:

  • Positive Indian Parenting
  • Therapeutic Sewing & Beading Groups
  • Dakota Language Lessons
  • Red Road Approach Recovery Groups
  • Two Spirit and LBGTQ+ Group
  • Inipi (Women and Community)
  • Talking Circle
  • Wígmuŋke Thiwáhe (Rainbow Family) Red Road Approach
  • Ašniyapi Ošpaye (Healing Family) Group
  • Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Group
  • Women’s Spiritual Group
  • Therapeutic Coffee and Crafts


For more information about these groups please check out our events page!