SDUIH Requires All Patients & Visitors To Wear a Face Mask in Our Facilities.

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Patient Transportation

Transportation for medical purposes is available. Guidelines for this service have been adopted by the SDUIH Board of Directors and shall be implemented.

General Guidelines

  • SDUIH will transport ACTIVE PATIENTS ONLY . An active patient is defined as a person who has been seen in our clinic by our provider within a year.
  • Transportation service is for MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY .
  • All persons transported MUST WEAR SEAT BELTS .
  • No food, drinks or tobacco use is allowed in the van.
  • SDUIH will not transport anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Only the patient with the appointment will be transported , except in the case of a minor child. The parent or legal guardian must accompany the child.
  • Staff will not transport patients where a member of the household owns or has access to a reliable vehicle or has immediate access to public transportation.
  • If the transportation is for a service not provided by SDUIH, the individual will not have to Pay the $30 transportation fee. (Pharmacy, Optical, Dental, Specialty, etc.)
  • If the transportation is for a service provided by SDUIH, the individual will have to pay the $30 transportation fee. (Diabetes, Non-Specialty Medical, Lab, etc.)
  • Patients checking themselves out of a medical facility against medical advice (AMA) will not be transported. Staff will verify discharge status.
  • Patients may come to SDUIH to use the phone for the purpose of making appointments.

In-Town Guidelines

  • One day notice (24 hrs) is needed for in town transportation. If an extreme emergency arises please notify SDUIH as soon as possible.

Out-of-Town Guidelines

  • A 3 day notice must be given for transportation out of town . A week would be preferred.
  • You must contact the CHR before scheduling your appointments to reduce scheduling conflicts.
  • Transportation will be to and from point of departure (SDUIH clinic) unless previously arranged and is medically necessary.
  • It will be the responsibility of the patient to provide money for their own expenses. (i.e. meals, snacks, lodging, co-pay).

Patient's Responsibility

It is the patient's responsibility to notify SDUIH at least thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled departure if the patient will not be available for my scheduled transport. Failure to notify SDUIH prior to departure may jeopardize future transportation assistance by SDUIH. Failure to comply with these guidelines will be at the patient's own expense and may result in loss of transportation privileges.

Medication Pickups

SDUIH may pick up patient medications from IHS pharmacies.

Patient Responsibilites

  1. Call their IHS pharmacy requesting their medications to be filled, either by a phone call from their home or by coming to SDUIH to use the clinic phone.
  2. If a patient is an active patient (seen by a provider with the last year) we will pickup their IHS medications free of charge.
  3. If the patient is not an active patient (never seen by a provider) we will pickup their IHS medications for a $20 charge. This must be paid before medications are given to the patient.
  4. Notify the Community Health Representative at SDUIH that a medication request has been made with an IHS pharmacy and medications need to be picked up.
  5. Ensure that patient has at least a one-week supply of medication on hand; it is not always possible for the Community Health Representative to make the trip due to weather, scheduling, etc.
  6. All IHS policies will be observed by both the patient and SDUIH.
  7. It is the responsibility of the patient or a family member to pick up his/her medication from SDUIH.
  8. This is a service SDUIH provides. It is not a requirement per guidelines.
Baby Steps

Baby Steps© Benefitsbabysteps

Moms have easier birth experiences
Babies are born at healthy weights
Babies are born closer to their due date
Moms are more prepared for baby

Baby Steps is a prenatal support program that meets monthly for pregnant women and their partner during their pregnancy.


What we offer:moccisins

· Monthly Prenatal Visits
· Information about pregnancy
· Family planning information
· Breastfeeding information
· Listen to baby’s heartbeat
· See baby on small ultrasound
· Make traditional crafts: moccasins, beadwork, dream catchers, and others!

CPR/First AID/AED Training

SDUIH Pierre Clinic

  • Monthly trainings at the clinic
  • Training available at your site
  • Online or In person class options
  • Certification valid for 2 years
  • Please call the clinic @ 605-224-8841 for a list of upcoming trainings