SDUIH Downtown

SDUIH Downtown

Your community cultural conduit.

SDUIH Downtown is the home base for all of our cultural activities. Dakota language lessons, Red Road Approach recovery groups, Positive Indian Parenting class, sewing and beading, drumming and singing… there is always something happening at SDUIH Downtown.

300 N Phillips Ave, Suite 120
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday – 9 am – 5 pm

Phone: 605-271-0164



Group information:

Inipi: Inipi sweat purification ceremony is open to all Indigenous community members seeking spiritual connection. Please do not attend if you are on your moon time. Contact: Tom DeCoteau (he/him) – (605) 335-2544.

Dakota Language Class: Toked yuan he? (How are you?) All are welcome to join Dakota Language class to learn from Professor Eric Jens (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate). Contact: Tom DeCoteau (he/him) – (605) 335-2544.

Positive Indian Parenting: Positive Indian Parenting (PIP) is an 8-week parent training class for Indigenous parents, caregivers, non-Native foster parents of Indigenous children, and others who strive to be more positive in their approach to parenting. PIP offers participants a structured exploration of traditional American Indian and Alaska Native values concerning parenting and helps participants apply those values in a modern setting. Contact: Maegan Seiber (she/her) – (605) 335-2560.

Red Road Approach: Red Road Approach Recovery groups offer a cognitive & experiential curriculum on Native American/Indigenous philosophies, activating the spirit for individuals, families and communities. Participants will be guided through lessons on the impacts of alcohol and drugs on the mind, body and spirit. This curriculum is a 10-week adult program that meets on a weekly basis. Red Road Approach graduates will receive a certificate, $100 cash, and a blanket at the end of the program. Contact: Tom DeCoteau (he/him) – (605) 335-2544, Shaina Yellowback (she/her) – (605) 271-0164.

Talking Circle: A safe place for talking, connection, and healing. All are welcome. Contact: Tom DeCoteau (he/him) – (605) 335-2544.

Therapeutic Sewing & Beading: Join us for coffee, laughter, and traditional craft-making! Open to the community, warm up with some coffee and work on beading and sewing with help from experts. Contact: Shaina Yellowback (she/her) – (605) 271-0164.

Two-Spirit & LBGTQ+ Group: This group centers on building community, support, and resources for our Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ relatives and their loved ones in a safe and empowering space. Groups are Two-Spirit/LGBTQ+ led and consist of shared meals and culturally based discussions/activities that celebrate our intersecting identities and promote overall wellness. While this group is primarily intended for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit people, allies and supporters are welcome to join. This group is open to all ages, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds. Contact: April Matson (they/them) – (605) 335-2546, Dylan Daniels (he/they) – (605) 335-2564.

Women’s Empowerment Group: Join our women’s resiliency group every Thursday afternoon to share and rebuild. The group will be facilitated by Serene Thin Elk, LPC-MH, LAC, QMHP, and JoMarie Garcia, and will focus on building coping skills and resilience, covering depression, anxiety, trauma, and healthy relationships. All winyans (women) are welcome, regardless of tribal affiliation or race. Contact: Serene Thin Elk (she/her) – (605) 335-2567.