Positive Indian Parenting

Positive Indian Parenting is an 8-week parent training class for Indigenous parents, caregivers, and non-Native foster parents of Indigenous children. Together we will explore traditional American Indian and Alaska Native parenting values and apply them to contemporary parenting challenges.

Western parenting programs often fail to address the unique challenges faced by American Indian and Alaska Native parents, children, and families, and they neglect the rich tribal traditions and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Positive Indian Parenting (PIP) is designed to meet the needs of both Native and non-Native parents, relatives, caregivers, foster parents, and others who strive to be more positive in their approach to parenting. PIP offers participants a structured exploration of traditional American Indian and Alaska Native values concerning parenting and helps participants apply those values in a modern setting. The program uses experiential learning techniques.

PIP draws on the strengths of traditional Indigenous child-rearing practices using storytelling, cradleboards, harmony, lessons of nature, behavior management, and the use of praise. It also addresses the historic impact of boarding schools, intergenerational trauma and grief, and forced assimilation of parenting; it empowers Indigenous families to reclaim their right to their heritage to be positive parents. PIP is strengths-based, conveying the message that our ancestors’ wisdom is a birthright for AI/AN parents. The curriculum examines how many AI/AN families were deprived of the right to learn traditional practices, invites participants to reclaim values that may have been lost by earlier generations, and validates existing traditional knowledge and values.

Incentives for class graduates

Children are always welcome

Dinner provided

Transportation available upon request

Sioux Falls: Maegan Seiber – maegan.seiber@sduih.org or (605)339-0420
Pierre: Leta Wise Spirit – lita.wisespirit@sduih.org or (605)224-8841