South Dakota Urban Indian Health Celebrates 45 Years of Care

South Dakota Urban Indian Health Celebrates 45 Years of Care

SDUIH celebrates 45 years of care this week! SDUIH was established in 1977 in Pierre, SD to serve our relatives living off of their reservations. In the near half-century since, SDUIH has grown into two strong clinics serving more than 2,300 patients last year.

On behalf of all of us, we offer a genuine “Wopida!” to our Sioux Falls and Pierre communities for continued meaningful partnerships.

South Dakota Urban Indian Health provides integrated care between primary care, behavioral health, and cultural health departments to deliver holistic care to heal our patients; mind, body, and spirit. We are an Indigenous-led organization serving urban Indigenous communities in South Dakota. We have two clinics; one in Sioux Falls and one in Pierre. Additionally, we have a community space in downtown Sioux Falls for cultural health and recovery groups, strategically chosen to remove transportation barriers for our houseless relatives. Our model of care delivery serves our communities through a public health lens, meeting our patients where they are and addressing needs head-on.

Urban Indian Health Organizations were born from the American Indian Movement, and are grounded in equity and justice for Native people living in urban areas of the US. SDUIH remains committed to equity and justice today, evidenced by our work with vaccine outreach, our downtown Sioux Falls location, and conscious language choices designed to destigmatize addiction and create an inclusive space for our Two-Spirit & LGBTQ+ relatives.

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