A Note from the Dietitian – Eating Healthy on a Budget

Most of us think eating healthy might leave our pockets empty. But that’s not necessarily true. With a little bit of planning and smart choices, we can have healthy, affordable, and tasty meals. One of the common reasons people say they find it difficult to follow healthy eating habits is affordability. Meals from fast food chains may seem inexpensive, but the prices add up. For example, a McDonald’s Big Mac costs $5.79, and if you make it a meal it gets closer to $9; that’s just for one meal! You can prepare three meals with a $9 budget by simply buying the ingredients and cooking the meals at home. Remember, you don’t need to buy products that say natural, organic, superfood, etc. to prepare healthy meals. Stick to the basics and buy whole grain products, seasonal vegetables, beans, legumes, and dairy products.

7 Tips for eating healthy on a budget
  1. Plan your meals and if possible, meal prep.
  2. Limit eating out and cook at home.
  3. Buy in bulk.
  4. Buy in-season products.
  5. Always shop with a list.
  6. Buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables.
  7. Buy store brands.